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Through Endurance We Overcome


We are bombarded with information all the time. Wave after wave of external facts and opinions slowly trap ourselves within our minds. Inside of us exists a natural rhythm and expression, our true selves and this external barrage stifles that. We begin to see ourselves as an ever more abstract being, further and further away from truth, having little traction in the world of cause and effect. We become reactive or even worse, passive.

To free ourselves from that fate and to inhabit our mature form we must pause this barrage and find ourselves. This can be accomplished in many ways and often taking a lifetime and with tremendous cost but we will do it in five days.

With us you will be taken into the heart of the alps in winter where you will find peace from the data stream and begin to identify your natural expression through sharp problem solving in the most beautiful natural spaces in Europe, where your decisions can make the difference between surviving and not. This instant feedback cuts away false notions and bad ideas immediately and leaves behind a core of truth that will form the foundation of your growth.

You and a group of no more than five per guide will venture into one of the harshest most unforgiving environments in Europe with no tents, little food and only yourself to rely on. You will learn to survive at first and then after a few days you will find your rhythm, you will find your confidence, you will grow beyond the realm of your mind and you will find yourself making an impact on the world rather than having the world make an impact on you.

Survive the harshness of reality, survive the pain of hunger, survive the bone-chilling cold, survive the snow, survive the winter, survive the white!


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50% off for the first ten customers on the Alpine Winter Expedition! Veterans should contact us for further discounts. 

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