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We at survive the white are a three man team with a singular vision and goal.

Survive The White is an organisation that facilitates real lifechanging experiences and trials. By helping others find themselves, face themselves, learn some handy survival skills and experience, develop leadership abilities we are able to enrich those among us and also form bonds with the best of them. 

You will face the winter with as little equipment as your courage will allow and after proving your ability to survive something that extreme, you will carry that supreme confidence into your day to day life. 

We have a cherished life-coach on hand to ensure you maintain your confidence and wellbeing long after the memory of the cold has thawed from your body.


We encourage those families who are suffering with a family member who might have lost their way, suffered a hard hit from life or terminally online to get in touch with us and buy an experience for them. 

We have two guides, myself Red, a retired Commando and mountaineer with over a decade experience exploring the Alps and Ivan, an engineer who has spent his entire life in the mountains and forests of Northern Italy. We also have a talented life-coach, Rex who is on hand for one on one sessions to prep you for your journey with us and in life. You can also simply help fund our humanitarian efforts by donating directly here or through one of our fundraising campaigns. 

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