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Immediate, Focused  Growth



March 2014

Future Growth



July 2023


It is our mission to activate and make resilient the people of the world. We maintain a small team with a tight organisation that enables us to develop deep connections with our brethren, to focus on their plans and provide the crucible required to spur them to success.

Our scope is limited to individuals and small groups of five.

The service we provide is a real visceral trial that you will reflect on whenever you need to remember your power.

Future growth

Our team has faced the harshest  environments we could access with only a few axes, a hellokitty sleeping bag and an ocean of wine. This lack of "tactical" and " Fashionable" gear drove us into ourselves to find and develop the skills needed to survive out there. Those experiences have brought us as close as family. 

Now, ten years on we wish to grow our family. Stay tuned...


We run a very small and tight team, this keeps our costs low and allows us a really tight focus. That being said, we are looking for skilled operators who want to find a life outside of the mainstream. If you wish to join the team, the first step is to get yourself onto one of our expeditions and express your interest to your expedition leader. We do it this way because it shows us that you are motivated, dedicated and able to gather the capital, push yourself to your limits during the expedition and have been identified as one of the best. Following this you will be invited on further expeditions until we deem you ready to take on a role within our team.

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